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Parlour EP


A short collection of pieces played on an Art & Lutherie parlor guitar.


All pieces written / performed by Jack Hooker. Recorded by Gerry Pineda Diwa at Sound Weavers 4149 Studio in Makati, The Philippines. Mixed and Mastered by George Kariotis at Sierra Studios, Athens, Greece.


Archipelago features a kolitong, a bamboo tube zither from the Kalinga province in The Philippines. The kolitong in Archipelago was built by Dr. Benicio Sokkong in Baguio, The Philippines. Fifty percent of any revenue from the track will go to Dr. Benicio Sokkong and the Cordillera Music Tutorial and Research Centre. My many thanks to him for his teaching of the kolitong and other Kalinga instruments during my trip there in 2015, and also to his lovely family for hosting me.

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