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No Man's Land

John Psathas


'The No Man’s Land Project is an 80-minute live cinematic concert, a deeply moving multi-media work that spans generations, continents, cultures and beliefs, and reflects on the devastating impact and futility of war. Commissioned from acclaimed New Zealand composer John Psathas, The No Man’s Land Project was premiered as a centrepiece of New Zealand’s First World War commemorations in 2016. 


150 musicians descended from opposing forces of the Great War and filmed on significant battlefields around the world are projected alongside a live, seven-piece international ensemble. The musicians, both live and virtual, perform as one global orchestra to create an exhilarating visual and musical experience.'


Jack was heavily involved in the production and tour of No Man's Land between 2014-2016, receiving a full scholarship from Victoria University of Wellington to complete a Masters Degree in Composition while working on the project. He travelled with the production throughout Poland, Belgium, France, India and New Zealand, primarily working as a production assistant and recording engineer with acclaimed Greek audio engineer George Kariotis.

Jack also features in the film performing guitar in an abandoned military bunker on the Polish Ukrainian border, and contributed synth textures in the section Shellshock. In 2020 he was due to perform in the live band for a one-off performance in Athens, before it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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