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It's Already Tomorrow


It's Already Tomorrow

Eight new luminous tracks harvested from NZ artists redefining themselves in the pandemic. The fruits of a long-distance lockdown collaboration from New Zealand producers and guest performers living in Germany, Greece, Serbia, and home in Aotearoa New Zealand. From introspective ambient tracks to hybrid folk-electronica to dystopian synth-rock, this album refuses easy categorisation. But one thing across all the emotional intensity is a strong placement in the immediate historic moment. This music is from right now by artists profoundly living and feeling the convulsions in the world around them. The future’s here, now what?


It's Already Tomorrow was curated and produced by John Psathas and Jack Hooker.


It's Already Tomorrow was funded through Creative New Zealand’s COVID-19 Arts Continuity Grant. Our many thanks to them for making this project possible.

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