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Between Zero and One

John Psathas / Strike


'Between Zero and One is a music and visual performance on an epic scale - a concert-length percussion work written by internationally acclaimed New Zealand / Greek composer John Psathas and performed by Wellington's Strike Percussion. Beginning and ending with a Big Bang, Between Zero and One features wild instrumentation, complex rhythms, moments of delicacy and warmth together with Strike's signature charm. Interactive projection designed by Australasian artist Tim Gruchy turns the space into a work of art. Also featuring composition from David Downes and Jack Hooker, plus performances from guest musicians.' Between Zero and One premiered at the Wellington and Christchurch International Arts Festivals, and has since been performed in China.  

Jack co-composed two pieces with John, Shiva and Brahma, which open and close Between Zero and One. Jack created the wall-of-sound musical backing that Strike play over.

Strike Website

Watch a video of the opening track Shiva

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